How it works?

How it works?

We like to stress how important assessing the condition of the surface truly is. If the surface conditions aren't dealt with first your coating will be subject to stains, fading, peeling, etc. Here are some of the important things we look for and address for each and every job!


Assess the area to be coated and prepare the area.


Remove contaminants, i.e. oils, stains, rust, etc. A floor machine may be used to grind away contaminants.


Apply the Poly Enhance to the surface. A tint may be added for enhancements.


Allow the Poly Enhance to set for 2 days before walking on and 5 days before vehicular traffic or heavy item placement.

We analyze everything carefully

From moisture vapor in the substrate all the way to what color and anti-slip protection you want, the sky is the limit with Eco-CorFlex. Unlike many companies out there that give ballpark estimates through email we send an estimator to your location to analyze and test your surfaces. Read more

We provide best sealer solution

Sealers have been proven to only last about a year in most cases. Our Poly Enhance system was designed to greatly improve upon this. Poly Enhance is a one time application system that allows you to not worry about having to re-seal your surfaces every year. Poly Enhance can withstand everything from the UV exposure in Arizona to the arctic, snow and ice filled climes of the east coast. Stop wasting your money year after year and allow Eco-CorFlex to help give you a solution you can enjoy for years to come. Read more

Estimation Process

Everyone always asks what can we do for them. Well here is just a tiny portion of the features and benefits you get when using the Eco-CorFlex Poly Enhance systems for your sealing or staining needs.

Existing Coating?


Subject to UV exposure?





Moisture Content?